Ji Qi

portrait 1

Ji is currently a master student, registered in University Freiburg(Germany) for MSc in Computer Science. Her study and practical works are focused on Machine Learning. Besides, she has also experiences in software development.

Ji is now doing her master thesis with us, the thesis is about diagnosing skin allergy patch tests using mobile devices application that is embedded with machine learning models.

Project name: Skin Detect (master thesis)

Key words: iOS application/ machine learning/ patch test/ thermal images


A machine learning model embedded iOS application that takes thermal images and then give the diagnoses of the skin allergy patch test.
Due to the temperature differences that different patch test results hold, the embedded machine learning model was trained on thermal images, in stead of real images. This way, the forever existing problem when applying machine learning methods on medical images —— the lack and the imbalances of training data, is solved.